Breathe yoga mat

Breathe yoga mat

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By popular demand, we have created this kids yoga mat in the adult size so you can match with your little one! It's so new, we haven't had a chance to do a photoshoot with models yet so please see the kids yoga mat for more photos.

Breathe is really powerful and can help with a lot of things like relaxing your body, calming down your mind and even controlling your emotions. Pause, slow down and let your breathe become your focus.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

This eco friendly yoga mat is made of natural and recycled materials and contains no harmful toxins.

The natural tree rubber creates a durable and supportive base while the luxurious suede-like surface (made from recycled plastic) adds an ultra responsive grip surface for a safe practice.
Comes with a beige carry sling that can also double as a stretch strap.


It was a pleasure working collaboratively with local artist, Susanna Chow, from Feel Good Art Club, to bring our ideas to life for this gorgeous design. We are so incredibly stoked with how it turned out!

Mat Dimensions

183cm, 63cm wide, 4mm thick.