Yoga Accessories

Yoga mobilises, strengthens, and lengthens the spine, core, and limbs. Moreover, it calms the nervous system, supports optimal organ function, and helps promote a healthy mind, keeping you fit and flexible in your body and spirit.
Whether practising yoga at home alone or in a group class setting, having the right equipment and accessories, such as yoga towels and mats, helps hone your skills, build balance, and keep you cool and comfortable.
While an appropriate yoga mat is a given to perform your asanas and salutations properly, a yoga towel, as available from The Mat Collective, is sometimes overlooked despite its many benefits.

7 products

7 products

The Benefits of Our Yoga Towels in NZ

Our yoga towels are not just another towel. Instead, we have designed our versatile towels to keep you comfortable and your yoga mat cleaner for longer.

Our towels are:

  • Highly absorbent: We’ve made our towels from luxuriously absorbent microfibre, helping to mop up sweat and water spills, keeping you cool and dry and your mat in good condition for longer.
  • Longer than usual: At 183cm by 61cm, our beautiful yoga towels offer the benefits of increased coverage, making your yoga time safer and easier. 
  • Convenient to carry: Our towels, although lovely and long, are still easy to fold, making them perfect for carrying and travelling.

In addition, thanks to their increased length and materials, our yoga towels can also double up as travel mats, doubling their value for money.

Our eco-friendly towels, made from recycled plastic, also benefit the environment, with each durable towel preventing 12 to 15 plastic bottles from going into our precious oceans. 

The Mat Collective yoga towel range comes in numerous heavenly colours and inspiring designs, helping to lift your spirits further. Choose yours today.