How do I clean my mats and towels?

Cleaning your yoga mat is easy!

If your yoga mat needs a light freshen up, we have two beautiful yoga mat sprays available for purchase under Towels and Accessories. They are antibacterial and smell absolutely divine. 

If your yoga mat needs a deeper clean, you can wipe down the surfaces of your mat using diluted soapy water.  Squeeze most of the water out of the sponge or cloth to avoid soaking your yoga mat. Leave your yoga mat in an airy space out of direct sunlight to dry before rolling up. 

Popping your yoga mat in the sunshine is also great for killing any bacteria. We recommend a max of 1 hour every couple of weeks. Leaving it for longer can cause damage to the tree rubber and fade your print.  

If any of your cleaning products contain essential oils, we recommend patch testing as some oils can lift the ink from the prints.


Your yoga towel is completely fine to go in a washing machine on a cool delicate wash. Hang your towel in a shady place to retain it's shape and colour. Avoid placing your towel in the dryer or wringing it dry.