Based in the stunning Mount Maunganui, The Mat Collective designs stunning yoga mats that are sustainable and ecofriendly. Our yoga mats are made of natural materials such as natural tree rubber and cork as well as recycled plastics. The recycled plastic stops roughly 12-15 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean per yoga mat. Our yoga mats are the highest quality meaning you will have your yoga mat for years, reducing waste and therefore caring for our planet even more.

Yoga is literally for EVERYONE! We want our yoga mats to make anyone feel comfortable in their practice. Your Mat Collective yoga mat is an extension of your personality, your safe place, and your magic carpet to living more sustainably.

The Mat Collective is more than just a product based business. We want to create a community where everyone feels welcome, no matter your yoga experience or background! We welcome the stay at home mum who loves her kids dearly but looks forward to given them to the grandparents on the weekend. We welcome the cool cat who drinks cold drip coffee and shops at the local Sally's. We welcome the corporate manager who looks forward to their Friday beer. No matter how you would describe yourself, we welcome you into our community!

Love, Ruby and the family x