Travel Yoga Mats

When travelling, keeping up with your yoga routine is essential. However, to avoid hurting yourself on hard tiles, rough carpets and slippery towels, consider one of The Mat Collective’s easy-to-pack, safe, and comfortable travel yoga mats.

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Discover the Joy of Our Travel Yoga Mats

To help you keep practising your asanas safely wherever you are, our travel mats provide the following:

  • Perfect portability: We make our 1.2kg travel mats from eco-friendly and sustainable tree rubber, sufficiently substantial to prevent slipping while compact enough to fold up for convenient packing. The mats also come with a versatile black strap – for carrying your mat and helping with stretches. 
  • Comfortable cushioning: Our 1.5mm thick travel mats are lightweight yet high quality. Their luxurious texture and responsive grip surface help keep you stable and maintain your poses and flows. In addition, the travel mats are extra-long (183cm by 61cm) to help make your travel yoga experience especially safe and enjoyable.   
  • Eco-friendly exercising: The Mat Collective offers toxin-free and biodegradable travel mats helping to keep you safe and preserve our planet’s natural resources. 

In addition, while enjoying your home-away-from-home yoga travel mat, you’ll also be helping to keep our earth’s oceans cleaner, with every mat sustainably constructed using 12 to 15 recycled plastic bottles.