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Work-Life Balance

We live in a world where there only seems to be one gear and that’s GO! The concept of working a 9-5 for many people in reality has become 7-7. Workplace culture has set the standard that 'more is more' and if you aren’t working around the clock, you aren't doing it right.

Slowing down, relaxing and taking time for yourself is a ‘luxury’ that is being overlooked and forgotten. Maintaining a work-life balance is not only important for personal health and relationships, but can in-fact improve productivity at work.

Here are 3 key benefits of a good work-life balance. 

Better physical health: Our immune system takes a big hit when we are tired and stressed. While some less serious symptoms like the flu are common, stress can also cause issues in the respiratory and digestive systems. Take time to exercise or simply move your body to strengthen your immune system. 

A healthy mind: most people will experience stress in their job from time to time. When this stress builds to burnout, this can have major mental health impacts. Learning to say no when your workload gets too much, socialising with friends, and incorporating self-care rituals such as using a weekly facial masque can significantly improve your state of mind.

Better productivity: Limiting your work hours to a reasonable amount will make you more productive when you are on the clock. Be in the moment when you are with friends and family. Switch off emails on your phone and avoid answering business calls after hours. Try not to use devices or have any screen time at least an hour before bed. Allow your body and skin to fully recharge whilst you sleep to set you up for a productive next day. 

 We could talk for hours about the benefits of work-life balance, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Yoga or pilates is the perfect escape to take time for yourself and reset. Grab your mat and say 'YES' to putting your wellbeing first!