Why buy a cork yoga mat?

Why buy a cork yoga mat?

You might be wondering why we have added cork yoga mats to our collection. The simple answer, because cork is an amazing material! Not only is cork a natural and sustainable product, but it is also antimicrobial. 

My number one goal when starting The Mat Collective was to be conscious of the impact my business would have on the planet. Yes, making beautiful products is important too but what use is a pretty yoga mat if we don't have a thriving planet to enjoy it in?


 This leads me to the first benefit of cork. Cork is a renewable, natural material. It is sustainably sourced without causing harm to the cork oak tree. The cork bark layer is carefully removed; allowing the tree to keep growing and producing more cork bark. Yay for not killing the trees!

Once the cork has been moulded into a smooth flat surface, it is fused to the natural tree rubber base to create our yoga mats. The cork surface is incredible for grip, ensuring you feel safe and supported in your yoga practice. Fun fact, the sweatier your hands and feet get, the better it will grip to the cork. No more worries about sliding around on a slippery PVC yoga mat ;) 

Finally, cork is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Bacteria doesn't like the material meaning you have a more hygienic surface to practice on while also not having to worry about funky lingering smells. A cork yoga mat is a great option for people with allergies.  


If those three points haven't already convinced you that a cork yoga mat is amazing, then maybe consider that the neutral earthy colour makes it perfect for that Uber-cool Insta aesthetic. See? We've thought of it all ;) 

Buy one of our cork yoga mats today by clicking the images below.