Yogi side twist stretching on The Mat Collective yoga mat in studio

The Mat Collective Radio

Music, for me, is such a big part for setting a mood and allows me to disconnect from the outside world while I am practicing yoga or pilates. I find music allows me to connect with my practice better and I always feel far more focused than if I was to do it in silence. 

While some people argue that music is not conducive for yoga, I believe there are many benefits to incorporating it into your practice.

Here are a just a few benefits I have experienced:

  • Improve mood - don't tell me music can't affect your mood... happy songs make you happy, sad songs make you sad. 
  • Boost immune system - studies show that music can directly improve your immune system's function. 
  • Create a rhythm or flow - let the music dictate the rhythm, speed and flow of your practice. 
  • Drown out outside noise - literally and figuratively. Music has an incredible way of focusing the mind. 

Obviously with all this said, it's really important that you chose an appropriate playlist depending on what you are hoping to achieve. Don't chose a fast paced pop playlist for a yin practice. Do chose an instrumental, soothing playlist for meditation. 

We have done the hard work for you and created our own The Mat Collective radio on Spotify with a variety of playlists to suit your needs. 

Decide on your practice style, roll out your yoga mat, press play on your selected playlist and enjoy!