At The Mat Collective our focus is to produce yoga mats as sustainably as we can. From the natural and recycled materials, planet friendly inks and our manufacturing processes, we’re committed to being socially and environmentally conscious.

Our yoga mat bases are made from natural tree rubber and is 100% non-toxic. The tree rubber is sapped from the rubber tree with no long term stress to the plant. This practice can allow the tree to live on average 250 years old.

We have two different materials when it comes to the material used on the top surface of the yoga mat. As of November 2021, we have replaced all microfibre surfaces with a recycled plastic option. This repurposes and saves roughly 12-15 plastic bottles going into landfill. The other option is a cork, a natural material sustainably sourced without any damage to the oak cork tree. Both these surfaces are heat pressed to the base, carefully considering the environment by eliminating the need for toxic glues or chemicals. 

We aim to package and send all our products in eco friendly options.

Our yoga mats have been designed to increase your grip as your body and muscles warm up. You will notice with slightly sweaty hands and feet, your grip will increase. Lightly spritz the mat with a little water for extra grip if you feel it's necessary. It is a good idea to spritz your mat the first few times you use it to get rid of any possible residue from the printing process which will help break your mat in quicker and therefore improve your practice.

We are so excited to offer free shipping within NZ!

We charge a small fee of $15NZD to ship to Aus.

Cleaning your mat is easy! Simply give it a spritz with one of our yoga mat cleaning sprays available for purchase and wipe it down. This is a great option if your yoga mat just needs a refresh and antibacterial clean. If however you notice your mat is a little more dirty, you can wipe it down with warm soapy water and a sponge. We recommend a damp sponge rather than drenched sponge to prevent separating the surface from the tree rubber base. Lay your yoga mat flat in a shaded place to dry. Direct sunlight can fade the print.

Your yoga towel is completely fine to go in a washing machine on a cool delicate wash. Hang your towel in a shady place to retain it's shape and colour. Try to avoid placing your towel in the dryer or wringing it dry.