pregnant yoga on the beach

The benefits of yoga

Before we get started, let's make one thing clear. YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE! No matter your age, ethnicity, gender identification, or physical ability, yoga is for you!

For many people, yoga is an unfamiliar practice that can sometimes sound too difficult or daunting to try. This does not have to be the case! Put simply, yoga is a 5000 year old discipline from India which consists of a series of stretches and poses that you combine with breathing techniques. Some styles are vigorous and energising, while others are gentle and relaxing. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, but we recommend attending classes at your local studio to get you started and make sure you learning good habits.  Here are a few benefits of regular yoga practice they shared with us.

Improved mental clarity

Long to do lists, distracting thoughts, and worries often consume our minds. Yoga has been proven to clear your mind and improve focus by helping you to slow down and concentrate on single tasks at hand. Balancing poses are great for practicing the ability to pay attention to the present without your mind drifting.

Better sleep

It can be hard to switch your mind off after a busy day which can result in interrupted sleep and have you waking up tired and irritated. Yoga can improve this by promoting calmness, alignment and connection in the body to give you that refreshing sleep you deserve.

 Increased energy levels

Many people complain about a lack of energy throughout the day. Backends and balancing poses in yoga can invigorate your body by reducing fatigue and waking up your mind. It can be just as effective as drinking a cup of coffee!

 Reduced anxiety 

Stress and anxiety seems to be part of every day life in the modern world. Certain yoga poses and deep breathing can help relieve your body and mind by channeling energy and focus into parts of your body that need a release.

Strength and flexibility

We all want strong, able bodies to make day to day tasks as easy as possible. Improved strength and flexibility will not only take tension out of your muscles, but will also take pressure off your bones and align your body to improve how it functions.

Remember, yoga is for everyone. All you need is a mat, a little bit of space, and a willing attitude. With designs to suit all personalities, we have aimed to create a mat for everyone. We encourage you to give yoga a go today.